Brisbane’s Most Reliable Gas Log Fires, Space Heaters & Fireplaces

There is nothing better than being able to have warm relief from the biting cold of winter months. If you are searching for something to keep your Brisbane home comfortable, you can’t go passed the Archer range of gas log fires, space heaters and fireplaces available from Aurora Climate Systems. We have worked hard to produce the most efficient models in the world, with features including:

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Gas log heaters vs real-wood alternatives

Don’t get stuck with the cold this winter. Invest in one of the models from the Archer gas log fires, space heaters and fireplaces range by Aurora Climate Systems. From the very start, you will see the benefits in terms of greater efficiency, saving on expenses, and leaving a reduced impact on the environment. By utilising patented triple heat exchanger technology, 92% + of heat is extracted from incoming gas and redistributed more cleanly throughout your home. This ensures less waste and less demand on your wallet for unneeded expenses.

Our range is incredibly diverse, with several different models allowing you to choose from flat front, bay window, insert, or free standing designs, looking even better than their real-wood counterparts. What’s more is that with the Archer range, you do not have to contend with hours of cleaning up, waiting around for the heat to build, or preparing and storing amounts of firewood.

The best feature is what a model from the Archer range can do for your home’s resale value. Naturally, new buyers and investors are impressed by distinguishing amenities, and they will be blown away by the unique ambiance gas log fires, space heaters or fireplaces provide.

Gas fireplace & heaters Australia-wide

In addition to Brisbane, the Archer range is also available throughout:

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